Brother PE 770 embroidery machineThe Brother PE770 is an embroidery-only machine that offers a large work area, the ability to import designs, and a convenient LCD display screen. Backed by the Brother name, this model offers so many features and design options that even the most advanced seamstress would be impressed.

But is the PE770 the best embroidery machine? Let’s find out in our detailed review.

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine Features

  • 5” x 7” embroidery hoop
  • Backlit LCD display screen
  • 136 embroidery designs included and 6 lettering fonts
  • Built-in memory that allows you to import signs from a USB drive
  • Design editing, including: mirror-image, rotate, design preview, and design size adjustments
  • Auto thread cutter
  • Easy threading system
  • Quick-set bobbin

Our Brother PE770 Review

For a home embroidery machine, the PE770 is exceptional in terms of features, durability and quality. With this model, the design options are virtually unlimited. And the backlit LCD display screen allows you to not only navigate the available designs, but edit them as well to perfect your creations before you even start embroidering.

pe770 Brother embroidery machine - large embroidery areaLarge Embroidery Area

Unlike other machines, the PE770 is designed strictly for embroidery, so it offers a generous 5” x 7” field to accommodate larger lettering and designs. The larger space also allows you to combine designs without having to frequently rehoop. Whether you’re doing monograms or a simple design, you’ll have plenty of space to get the job done.

Over 100 Designs and Multiple Lettering Fonts

The machine itself comes with 136 embroidery designs as well as six lettering fonts. You’ll find florals, scrollwork, quilt patterns, frame shapes, border styles and several quilt patterns. You aren’t limited to the included designs either. Personally, I believe there are more than enough designs included, but if you want more, you easily expand your collection.

The built-in memory and a USB port allow you to import new designs and expand your creativity. You also have the option of using the built in embroidery card slot to use designs from Brother Embroidery cards. These are available for purchase separately, and allow you to expand your design collection even further.

embroidery designs for the brother pe770


Design Editing

In addition to choosing your design, the 1.4” x 2.7” LCD display also makes it easy to edit your design. The design editing features allow you to rotate, mirror, and preview your design. You also have the option of making the design smaller or larger, depending on your own personal preference.

Custom Stitches & Sideways Sewing

One unique feature that I haven’t seen on many other embroidery machines is the Brother My Custom Stitch option. This allows you to create your very own unique stitches, and save them to the machine’s built-in memory. If you’re a creative sewer, you’ll love this feature.

The sideways sewing feature also allows for cylindrical and appliqué sewing, so you can sew horizontally without having to rotate the fabric.

Easy Threading & Quick-Set Bobbin

When starting a new embroidery project, the last thing you want to do is fight with the machine just to get it properly threaded. This model offers an automatic needle threader and a simple threading system, so you can get your project started quickly.

If you’ve been frustrated with bobbin systems in the past, you’ll love the quick-set system this model offers. Simply drop-in your bobbin, pull the thread up through the slot, and get ready to start embroidering.

Automatic Thread Trimmer

The automatic thread trimmer saves you even more time by cutting the upper and lower threads for you with just the push of a button.

Speed Control

In addition to all of the other features this model offers, you also have the option to control the sewing speed, and start and stop embroidery with the push of a button. A simple lever on the side of the machine allows you to control how quickly or slowly the PE770 sews.

Compatible with iBroidery

Another added perk to buying this model is that it’s compatible with iBroidery, which allows you to easily purchase hundreds of exclusive embroidery designs, including ones that feature licensed characters from Disney and Nickelodeon. You’ll also gain access to limited edition designs directly from the Brother design library. This make it even easier to expand your design collection.

Lots of Accessories

Brother includes plenty of accessories with this model. Not only does it come with a protective carrying case. You’ll also receive an embroidery foot, four bobbins, an embroidery thread spool, needle pack, twin needle, storage compartment, and kneelifter.

And a super-bright light allows you to see your workspace at all times, no matter what type of lighting you’re working under.

There’s a lot to love about this machine, and as you can see, it offers an extensive list of robust features that every seamstress will love.


  • Packed with features
  • Easy threading system
  • Lots of designs to choose from
  • The ability to import new designs
  • Lots of included accessories
  • Hard carrying case included
  • Allows you to sew horizontally without having to turn the fabric


  • Can only be used for embroidery
  • The LCD display can be cumbersome

The only downside to this machine is that it can only be used for embroidery. If you’re looking for a sewing machine that can also handle embroidery projects, I would recommend the Brother SE400. This model offers 60+ sewing stitches and 70 embroidery designs, so you get the best of both worlds.

Like with other computerized models, the PE770’s LCD display can be cumbersome to use. You’re forced to scroll through pages to find the design you want, which can be tedious. With that said, there really is no other way to make design scrolling easier, and you’ll find that nearly all other computerized models have the same issue.

The Final Verdict

The Brother PE770 is easily one of my favorite home embroidery machines. It offers the design flexibility, quality and durability you would expect from a professional, commercial machine, but at a price that the everyday user can afford. It’s nice to be able to expand your design collection, and the generous embroidery area allows you to tackle just about any project.

The two minor complaints I have (see above) are easily overlooked, and you’ll easily fall in love with how flawlessly this machine sews. Once you get used to the LCD display, you’ll appreciate the ability to edit your designs and search through all of your imported designs. The included hard carrying case is a nice added bonus, too, as many manufacturers no longer include this with their machines.

If you’re looking for a strict embroidery machine for at-home use, this is the model that I would choose, and the one that I often recommend to users of all levels.

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  1. Is it easy for a beginner to learn on this machine? If so, can they be self taught? Very interested but not a sewer and no nothing about this hobby. Thanks!

    1. Yes, this machine is very easy to use. You should be able to find quite a few videos on YouTube to help get you started. I usually recommend getting a book from the library to help you get a few basic skills down to get some confidence. Good luck!

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