When you want to create decorative stitches, your best bet is to use a serger sewing machine (also called an overlock machine). These are machines specifically made for specialized use. When you need to have a professional seam, the best serger will get the job done better than a regular sewing machine.

Yes, a regular sewing machine can make a decent seam, but seams that are made with a serger sewing machine are far stronger and more precise. These machines are meant for your garments that need durable seams that will not fray or rip with ease. It’s important to note that these machines will not replace the standard sewing machine, but they are the perfect addition to any seamstress’s toolkit.

My personal favorite is the Juki MO654DE serger, and I’m going to provide you with my personal serger review as I have a lot of hands-on experience with this model. I’ll also recommend a cheaper alternative for anyone on a tight budget.

Juki MO654DE Serger Review

best Juki serger - MO654deIf I had to choose one serger for all of my garment needs, it would be the Juki 654. This is simply an amazing model, and it’s not just me that thinks this: most reviews on the web rate this model very highly.

This Juki serger features a color-coded threading breakaway adjustment for stitch length, a powerful knife system, the ability to sew heavy and light fabrics, built-in safety features, a 2/3/4 thread system and automatic rolled hem functionality. It’s a powerful machine, and one that I give the most praise to in the industry.

Let’s take a look at what this model has to offer in terms of features, durability and overall functionality.

Juki 654 Features at a Glance

  • 2/3/4 thread options
  • Industrial tension system
  • Industrial cutting system
  • 2-thread conversion
  • Safety switch
  • Built-in rolled hemming
  • Snap-on presser feet
  • Color-coded thread paths for easy use
  • Disengaging loopers for fast threading
  • Several stitch options
  • Maximum sewing speed of 1500 rpm
  • Stitch length of 2.5mm – 4mm

These are just some of the most important features of the Juki MO-654de. You’ll also find that the manufacturer includes several accessories that will make your sewing faster and more efficient. The following accessories are included:

  • Presser foot
  • Spare lower knife
  • Spool caps
  • Thread nets
  • Needle pack
  • Tweezers
  • Vinyl cover
  • Needle threader
  • Brush and needle inserter
  • Accessory pouch
  • Small/large screwdriver

If you supply the garment and the thread, you’ll have everything that you need to get started with the 654 immediately after unpacking it.

Several Stitch Options

Juki 654 overlocker stitches

Every garment is different, so the need for several stitch options is important. Thankfully, many are available to you to ensure that your garment will hold together effortlessly. In total, there are eight different stitches available with several different thread options.

  • 2 Thread: Rolled hem and overcast stitches.
  • 3 Thread: Rolled hem, overlock, narrow overlock and flatlock stitches.
  • 4 Thread: Overlock stitch.

For most of your needs, you’ll be using the three thread option. The two thread is perfect for garments that will undergo less stress at the seams, and the four thread option is meant for heavy-duty seams.

Easy Setup and Threading

Juki 654 serger thread guide

Aside from being very versatile with numerous stitch options, this model is surprisingly easy to thread. You’ll find this out immediately when you look at the color-coded threading guide. Normally, it takes quite a lot of effort to thread one of these machines. Thankfully it is not the case with this one.

Juki included color-coded threading guides that are clearly marked, so you know exactly how to thread each spool easily. Using orange, green, red and black colors, you’ll find that you can guide your thread, whether it be 2/3/4 threads, with ease.

Once you have threaded your machine, you’ll be able to adjust the tension using an easy rotation dial. Thread tension is adjustable between 1 and 9, with three highlighted tension settings that are considered your normal tension options.

Looper threading is routinely a difficult process. Juki has a lower looper threader that disengages so that you can do thread quickly and easily. All you have to do is slide it right into the slot, and then snap the looper into its respective place. In my opinion, this is a priceless feature that will save you a lot of time and aggravation when using your serger.

At this point, you’re pretty much all set up and ready to finish your garment.

The presser feet snap-on, and a functional presser foot is included. This will allow you to create:

  • Tape
  • Elastic
  • Ribbon
  • Sequins

All with the same presser foot. This is done through the overlock stitches, and Juki also offers several specialty feet that can be used for a variety of different stitches.

When you want to cut a fabric, you’ll find that there is a heavy-duty knife system that can cut light and heavy fabrics alike with ease.

The built-in guide takes the guesswork out of your sewing. Simply cover your garment and start sewing with the precision guide, ensuring a straight line at all times. There is even a cutting width adjustment that uses a turn of a dial to create the perfect rolled edges or seams.

With a bright light to help you see with ease, this is simply the best serger on the market today.

I almost forgot to mention that there are differential feet adjustments, stitch length adjustments and flip and roll settings available on this machine.


  • Color-coded threading
  • Several width and length adjustments
  • Great workspace for easy sewing
  • Several stitch options
  • A myriad of accessories included


  • Threading is a bit tricky until you get used to it
  • Pressor foot lever is on the back left of the machine

I haven’t found a serger on the market today that isn’t difficult to thread no matter what system is in place. The color-coded system does work well, but this doesn’t mean that threading isn’t tedious. However, once you’ve done it a few times you’ll get the hang of it quickly and never think of it again. I must also mention that the presser foot is on the back left of the machine, which is a little difficult for a right-handed person to reach.

With all that said, this is simply the best model that I’ve ever tried.

Juki did their best to accommodate users with easy functions, a variety of different adjustments and a model that will last years without needing repairs.

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Juki 644D Review: An Inexpensive Alternative

Juki 644D sergerThe 644D is my recommended option for anyone who is on a tight budget. This model is over $100 cheaper than the Juki 654, and it has many of the same great features. The one thing that I do want to mention is that this model only works with light to medium fabrics, and isn’t the best option for heavy duty fabrics.

This means that denim material and several layers of fabric are difficult for this model to pierce.

With that said, the 644D offers the following features:

  • 2/3/4 thread options
  • Color coded threading
  • Easy tension setting
  • Multi-function presser foot
  • Heavy-duty knife system
  • Cutting width adjustment
  • Easily adjustable stitch lengths

You’ll get many of the same great features as seen in the 654, but you’ll be a few stitches and a few of the convenient features that really make the 654 stand out.

I will state that this model is equally as hard to thread, and you’ll also find that getting the correct tension level is a bit tricky.

But despite these two issues, this is still the best serger sewing machine if you’re on a tight budget. Another option if you want a inexpensive overlocker is the Brother 1034D – you can read my review of that model here.

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Review overview

Ease of Use 8.9
Durability 9.8
Affordability 9
Features 9.6


9.3 tech score The Juki MO-654DE is the best value for your money serger out there. It is durable, easy to use (for a serger) and produces outstanding results. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with this machine and end up wishing that you bought one sooner.

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