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Our Favorite Sewing Machines For Kids – Your Child is Sure To Love Them!

Best sewing machine for kids

Kids that start sewing at a young are opened up to a world of creativity. Cute hats, scarves, shirts and everything in between can be made exactly to their liking. This is obviously a huge thrill to most children. Being able to express themselves while creating their own crafts is something most children will be thrilled with. Once they have mastered hand stitching, they will likely want to get their hands on your sewing machine. You may not want this as your machine may be expensive or not very kid-friendly. We hope this article will help you make the right choice.

While each machine basically does the same thing, this doesn’t mean every model is a suitable sewing machine for a child.

Model# of StitchesComputerizedPriceMore Information
Janome 11706
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Janome Mini Sewing Machine
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Brother XM2701
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NEX Sewing Machine
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Singer 1304
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sewing machine for a child - teaching them to sewWhat Features Do You Need For a Child?

Kids need a simple machine that is easy to use and reliable without compromising safety. If you gave a child a computerized sewing machine, you’ll probably find that these models are simply too complex and overwhelming for the average child to learn.

You want a machine that allows a child to easily develop their skills without overwhelming them.

A few key areas to consider are:

  • Feet: The feet of a sewing machine will either snap on or attach with a screw. For kids, you want feet that attach with a screw so that the feet stay in place. Many kids have sewn through their own clothing or fingers because of snap off feet.
  • Pedal: Some children, especially younger sewers, will have a difficult time using a standard pedal. If this is an issue for your child, I highly recommend using a push-button model that provides a consistent stitch speed.
  • Speed: When using a push-button model, you’ll want a machine that has a consistent speed. This will allow for garments to be made with precision and won’t take away from the control that is lost when not using a pedal.
  • Weight: Depending on the child’s age and size, the weight of the machine is a major consideration. Dropping a 15 pound machine on his or her foot will cause far more damage than dropping a 5 pound machine.
  • Warranty: Kids have a way of breaking even the most durable equipment. Safeguarding your investment with a warranty is a wise choice.

In terms of price, you’ll spend $70 – $150+ on a good quality starter machine for a child. The main difference between less expensive and the higher-priced models is that the most expensive models offer a higher level of durability and often include more built-in stitches – many which your child will never use. Some also provide a higher level of automation.

Starting at a Young Age

The art of sewing is starting to become lost with younger generations. Kids that know how to sew are learning a life skill that will allow them the creative freedom to sew their own clothes or even make an outfit for their favorite pet if they see fit.

How young can a child start?

I have seen children start at the age of 3. While they may not be the world’s best seamstress at this point, they will start developing basic skills, exploring their creative side and gaining confidence. Once they gain some experience they can advance to difficult patterns quickly.

Choosing a smaller machine for a child is ideal because they are usually:

  • Considerably lighter
  • Less Expensive
  • Come with kid-friendly safety features

Kids that learn to sew at a young age will have a greater respect for the art and will understand the safety measures needed. I have found that kids that start earlier in life learn to protect their fingers from the presser foot and have an overall higher level of safety than a kid that started at an old age.

Also, the earlier a person starts, the more time they will have to enhance their skills and gain confidence.

Which Machines Do We Recommend for Kids?

There are a few machines for kids that we can’t help but recommend. These include:

Janome 11706 3/4 Size Hello Kitty

Janome 11706 Hello Kitty - perfect kids sewing machineCute, affordable and perfect for kids. The Hello Kitty sewing machine by Janome is smaller than a machine geared towards adults, but still offers:

  • 11 stitches
  • Free arm
  • 4-step buttonhole
  • Storage

Weighing only 12 pounds, kids will not have a problem transporting this machine. It also has a handy handle that makes carrying this machine a breeze.

This model doesn’t do the “fancy” stuff, but it provides enough functionality for kids to learn the basics and advance their skills. It is a reliable, inexpensive machine that is easy to use. Presser feet simply snap on, but don’t worry, the hold is impeccable. We never had an issue with them and the 3 included feet are as stable and secure as screw-on feet.

We were very impressed with this model. It looks cute and performs great too. You and your child are guaranteed to love it and is definitely a favorite in this age group. m

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Janome Mini Sewing Machine

Janome Mini Sewing Machine - great for first time sewersJanome’s cute new mini sewing machine is made specifically for kids and is so affordable (usually around$70). This model is very lightweight, at just 5 pounds, and features:

  • 10 stitches
  • Free arm
  • 5 pound weight
  • 9 color and design options
  • 2 needle positions
  • Stitch dial

Small and easy to carry around, this model has unique presser feet that ensure kids don’t put their little hands underneath and in the way of the needle. This is not a commercial machine that can withstand 6 hours of use a day, but it has all of the safety features needed for a younger user to safely sew his or her next garment.

I was pleasantly surprised with the results when were testing with this model. My 6 year old niece had no issues using it and was eager to learn more when she was finished her first project. If your child is just starting out you can’t go wrong with this portable sewing machine.

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Brother XL2701

Brother XM2701 - nice cheap sewing machine for kidsThe Brother XL2701 fills the gap between a kid and a teenager. This model is meant for the older kid who wants a great beginner sewing machine that has an abundance of features, such as:

  • 27 built-in stitches
  • 59 stitch functions
  • Free arm
  • Automatic buttonholer
  • Drop-in bobbin

This model works perfectly for the mature kid who wants to learn how to sew. It is also suitable for adults for advanced projects thanks to the variety of stitch options available. Easy to use with advanced features that are a necessity for complex patterns, this is the perfect model for kids or beginners no matter what age.

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NEX Sewing Machine Free-Arm Crafting Mending Machine

NEX sewing machine - inexpensive sewing machine for a kidNEX offers a sewing machine for children that comes with an adorable, kid-friendly look. White and pink features are seen in the sewing machine’s design, and it’s lightweight construction makes this the ideal choice in portability.

Great for beginners, this sewing machine still packs a lot of power in a small machine, offering:

  • 12 built-in stitches
  • Double threading and speed options
  • Operates off DC 6V or battery
  • Forward and reverse sewing options
  • Two-speed design

NEX’s portable design includes a carry handle, and small dimensions of 10.6″ x 4.7″ x 9.” With a weight of just six pounds, this machine is user-friendly – even for kids. The right choice for DIY sewing, this small, sleek sewing machine can do it all with hems, button-holing and other advanced sewing made simple with the FHSM-505.

Thickness can go as high as 2.5mm, allowing the user to quickly sew through six layers of denim with ease. Stitch length is adjustable, and there’s a flat-bed that allows for maximum adjustability when sewing.

This ABS+Metal model includes everything kids need to get started sewing, including:

  • Foot controller
  • Thread spools
  • Bobbins
  • Needle threader
  • Extra needles

Kids and tweens will find this sewing machine to be robust yet intuitive. You’ll love this machine’s low noise production and easy-carry handle that allows for the utmost in portability. Perfect for kids and tweens, this model is even ideal for the on-the-go seamstress who must make quick adjustments to garments.

I am very happy with this model, and my niece loves the look and ease-of-use, too. When teaching a child how to sew for the first time, a minimalistic sewing machine that’s lightweight is a great option.

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Singer 1304 Start Free Arm Sewing Machine with 6 Built-In Stitches

Singer 1304 - nice beginner sewing machineSmall, sleek and affordable, the Singer 1304 is a neutral-color sewing machine featuring a white design with blue accents. This is the perfect for tweens, or boys who might not appreciate the pink in some of the other sewing machines.

This model comes with everything a novice needs to begin sewing, including:

  • Simple stitch selection
  • Easy threading system
  • 6 built-in stitches
  • Accessories
  • Winding system
  • Free arm

Singer’s 1304 isn’t as lightweight as some of the other models on our list (weighing 12.7 pounds), but it’s still a great option for your standard seamstress. This model has dimensions of 13″ x 7″ x 11.5″.

Easy threading is offered, with diagrams printed on the right side of the machine. Setup is made simple, and users can quickly adjust between six different stitches along with a 4-step buttonhole that allows you to add buttons to any garment with ease.

Twin needle sewing is provided thanks to the dual spoon pins that make this machine perfect for hemming or decorations.

Kids and adults will love the free owner’s class that’s provided to help you learn how to properly thread and set the machine up. You’ll also find that this model has a heavy-duty frame and three presser feet, which make it easy to get started.

Preset stitch lengths and widths are provided.

I like the lack of length and width adjustments because it allows kids to get started sewing quickly without needing to worry about adjusting different settings. The tension is also automatically adjusted for you so that you never have to worry about thread breaking.

I highly recommend this sewing machine for younger kids who want to get a feel for sewing and don’t need to be overburdened with a slew of different features. There’s even a free arm for more advanced sewing needs.

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Final Thoughts

All five of these models are a great option when looking for a suitable machine for kids. The main difference you’ll find is that the NEX and Janome Mini are more affordable than the other machines listed, but you will sacrifice advanced features that may be needed as your child gains more experience.  However, they are still great little machines for your child to start with and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. If your child is a bit older then the Janome Hello Kitty, Brother XL2701 or Singer 1304 may be more desirable.

We are glad you are interested in getting your child into sewing. It is a life skill that allows every kid to have endless hours of fun away from the television.

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  1. Hi I’m in the process of opening a sewing school for kids and looking to purchase a few machines, do you sell wholesale? or give a tread discount?

    1. Sorry, but we don’t have a storefront. We are an informational resource only. I would contact your local dealer to see if they would offer a volume discount. Good luck!

  2. I am confused by your article. . In your final thoughts you say all 3 of these models are a great option, but yet the article discusses more than 3. Also it says…you’ll find the fast lane more affordable than the other 2, but I don’t see one called fast lane. What do you recommend for a 5 year old, grandma is a quilter too

    1. Thanks for bringing that to our attention. We updated the list of machines a few week ago, but forgot to update the conclusion. These machines are really for learning how to sew. You could create some simple quilts with them and if that is what you are looking for then one of the bigger machines like the Brother or Hello Kitty machines would be the way to go.

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