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Quilter’s Review, founded in 2000, is a website dedicated to helping quilters improve their craft. We love to quilt and love the whole quilting community. Quilting is something we are passionate about and want to share our passion and experience with you.

Inside, you will see that we provide tips, tricks and product reviews including:

We aim to provide you with honest, fun, informative and creative content that will help you become a better quilter. The goal of this site is to be the best quilting resource on the web. Welcome to our site!

If you have any suggestions or products or books you would like us to review, you can send us a message through our Contact Us page.


  1. I found your web because I was wanting info for a Designer 1. I have now spent the last hour filling my head with so must useful information. I thank you for all the information and time you have put in to this web site. the product and book reviews are so helpful. Thanks.

    I did read some of the emails and answered one about where to order floppy disks. a message came up that said it was being modified. What does this mean? Should I be doing something else?

    Thanks again for your web site.
    M. Rose

    1. I think you might have seen a message saying it is being moderated. That just means we have to approve each comment that is made on the site. It’s done to reduce spam. I’m so glad you enjoy our site 🙂

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