Why Should I Use Quilting Appliqué Pins?

applique pins

I’m in the process of repairing a 1940’s quilt by replacing some of the fabric diamonds that have disintegrated over the years. After discussions with the owner of the quilt, I am appliquéing new diamonds over the warn patches to bring the quilt back to life.

When I first started pinning the patches to the quilt, I used the same pin that I use when I piece or sew. After a couple of patches, I started reducing the size of the pins I was using and ended with tiny appliqué pins.

These small pins allowed me to pin under the seam allowance by using pins closer together making my sewing go faster. In addition, the patches lay flatter because the pins are tiny and don’t introduce extra space under the patches.

Make sure to get pins that have a head on them. They are much easier to work with and won’t wear out your fingers. Without the head you will be lucky to last 15 minutes working with a regular pin. Appliqué pins are also super sharp allowing you to work quickly and efficiently.

I’m a lot happier with the look I get with the appliqué pins.

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