Best Gifts for Quilters in 2024 – The Ultimate Gift Guide


Are you searching for the perfect gift for the quilter in your life? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of top gifts for quilters in 2024. From essential tools and accessories to unique, personalized items, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to surprise and delight your quilting friends with these thoughtful and inspiring gift ideas.

Short Summary

  • Essential quilting tools and accessories like rotary cutters, self-healing mats, rulers & templates make great gifts for experienced quilters.
  • Creative fabric such as pre-cut bundles, subscriptions and themed collections are a fun gift!
  • Unique personalized items plus educational resources like books & sewing classes help skill development.

Essential Quilting Tools and Accessories

quilting gift ideas

Every quilter needs the right tools and accessories to bring their creations to life. Gifting essential items is always a fantastic idea, as you’re not only showing your support for their hobby, but also providing them with something practical they can use in their next project. In this section, we’ll be exploring some of the must-have tools and accessories, including:

These sewing tools are a great gift option for experienced quilters.

Rotary Fabric Cutters

Olfa 45mm rotary cutter

A high-quality rotary cutter is a must-have tool for any quilter, as it enables them to cut fabric accurately and efficiently. Gifting a top-notch rotary cutter or replacement blades is always appreciated by quilting enthusiasts, as it demonstrates your understanding of their craft and your support for their passion.

One such example is the OLFA 45mm Ergonomic Rotary Cutter, perfect for any quilting project. Click here to see a comprehensive list of rotary cutters we recommend.

Sewing and Quilting Machine

Singer 9960 sewing machine

Looking for a thoughtful gift that will be appreciated for years to come? Consider a sewing or quilting machine for the creative person in your life! These machines offer something truly special – the opportunity to bring dreams to life.

With a wide range of features available, from different stitches to embroidery and more, these machines can unlock a whole new world of creative potential. And perhaps best of all, the resulting quilts, clothing, and other projects are more than just beautiful – they’re practical and useful too.

So why not give the gift of creativity and practicality this year? A sewing machine might just be the perfect choice! The Singer 9960 is one of our favorites.

Click here to see pricing for the Singer 9960 on Amazon

Self-Healing Cutting Mats

Crafty World Self Healing Cutting Mat

A self-healing cutting mat is another practical gift idea for quilters. These mats safeguard work surfaces and keep cutting tools in excellent condition, making fabric cutting easier and more precise.

The WorkLion Self-Healing Cutting Mat is a popular choice, known for its durability and effectiveness in protecting surfaces while creating handmade gifts with precision.

Click here to see a list of self healing cutting mats we recommend.

Rulers and Templates

ruler for quilting

Rulers and templates are essential tools for quilters, as they help them achieve precise cuts and shapes for their projects. A variety of sizes and designs are available, making them a thoughtful gift for any quilting enthusiast.

One option is the Machine Quilting Ruler Set, which includes templates specifically designed for machine quilting, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every project.

Click here to see a list of quilting rulers essential to your everyday needs.

Sewing Machine Accessories

sewing kit

Sewing machine accessories and sewing supplies, such as specialty presser feet or cleaning kits, can significantly enhance a quilter’s sewing experience. These accessories make quilting easier and more enjoyable, making them a useful gift for your favorite quilter.

For instance, a sewing machine cleaning kit and a sewing kit are perfect gifts for quilters who want to keep their sewing machine in good shape, ensuring smooth and efficient operation for all their projects.

Fabric Cutting Machines

Accuquilt Go fabric cutter

Fabric cutting machines, like the AccuQuilt GO!, are a luxurious gift option for experienced quilters. These machines save time and effort by cutting fabric pieces for sewing patterns, quilt blocks, and applique shapes more accurately and faster than regular fabric scissors or rotary cutters.

By gifting a fabric cutting machine, you’re providing the quilter in your life with a valuable tool that will elevate their craft to new heights and look good in their quilting room. I LOVE fabric cutting machines and couldn’t live without one.

Click here to see a list of the best fabric cutting machines out today!

Creative Fabric Gift Ideas

quilting tools

Besides essential tools and accessories, there are plenty of creative fabric gift ideas that can inspire and delight your quilting friend. In this section, we’ll explore some of these unique options, such as pre-cut fabric bundles, fabric subscriptions, and themed fabric collections.

These gifts not only provide quilters with new and exciting materials to work with, but also help them discover new color combinations and quilt patterns for their projects.

Pre-cut fabric bundles offer a variety of coordinating fabrics in convenient sizes, making them a fun and inspiring gift for quilters. Fabric subscriptions, like the Fat Quarter Fabric of the Month, provide a continuous supply of fresh fabrics to keep quilters excited about their craft. Meanwhile, themed fabric collections cater to a quilter’s specific interests or passions, making for a personalized and thoughtful gift.

Pre-Cut Fabric Bundles

fabric closet

Pre-cut fabric bundles, such as charm packs or jelly rolls, are a fantastic gift idea for those looking to start a sewing or quilting project. These bundles offer a variety of coordinating fabrics, allowing quilters to experiment with different colors and patterns in their projects.

Popular online retailers, such as Connecting Threads, Fat Quarter Shop, and Missouri Star Quilt Company, offer a wide selection of pre-cut fabric bundles to suit every quilter’s taste and style.

Fabric Subscription Boxes

quilt fabric

Fabric subscriptions are an fun gift for quilters who enjoy receiving a continuous supply of new and exciting fabrics. Services like Annie’s Fat Quarter Clubs send a matching fat quarter bundle every month, providing quilters with a steady stream of fresh materials to work with.

This not only adds variety to their fabric stash, but also allows them to explore different color combinations and patterns in their sewing projects. This is one of our most recommended quilting gifts for a special occasion.

Click here to see a list of subscription boxes we recommend.

Themed Fabric Collections

quilting fabric

Themed fabric collections make for a personalized and thoughtful gift for quilters. These collections cater to specific interests or passions, such as holidays, seasons, or hobbies.

By gifting a themed fabric collection, you’re not only providing new materials for the quilter’s projects, but also acknowledging their individual interests and passions, making it a truly unique and memorable gift for quilters.

Quilters will appreciate the thoughtfulness of a themed fabric collection, as it shows that you are not alone and is one of our favorite gift ideas.

Unique and Personalized Gifts

personalized quilt for a loved one

For an even more special touch, consider unique and personalized options. In this section, we’ll dive into some one-of-a-kind gift ideas, such as custom-made quilting tools, wall art, and quilting clothing and accessories. These gifts allow quilters to showcase their love for the craft while also adding a personal touch to their workspace or attire.

Custom-made tools, like handcrafted wooden seam rippers or tailor’s clappers, are not only functional but also add a personal and artistic touch to a quilter’s workspace. Wall art and decor, such as quilting-themed prints or signs, can brighten up a sewing room and showcase a quilter’s passion.

Quilting clothing and accessories, like themed t-shirts or enamel pins, let quilters express their love for the craft in their everyday outfits.

Custom-Made Quilting Tools

Custom-made tools are a thoughtful and unique gifts for quilters. These tools, such as handcrafted wooden seam rippers or tailor’s clappers, demonstrate your appreciation for their craft while providing them with a tool tailored to their individual quilting style and requirements.

These handcrafted tools are not only functional, but also add an artistic touch to the quilter’s workspace, making them a truly special gift.

Wall Art and Decor

wall quilt

Quilting-themed wall art and decor, like prints or signs, are a fantastic way to brighten up a sewing room while showcasing a quilter’s passion for their craft. These decorative items can be personalized to the quilter’s interests, making them a meaningful and unique gift.

Moreover, wall art serves as a constant source of inspiration and motivation for quilters as they work on their projects.

Quilting Clothing and Accessories

Themed clothing and accessories, such as t-shirts or enamel pins, are a fun way for quilters to express their love for the craft in their daily attire. These items can feature various designs, patterns, and quotes related to quilting, allowing the quilter to showcase their passion and creativity.

Gifting quilting gifts like clothing and accessories is an excellent way to support your favorite quilter’s hobby while providing them with a unique and wearable gift.

Educational Gifts for Skill Development

quilting classes

Helping quilters develop their skills is another thoughtful way to support their passion. In this section, we’ll explore educational ideas that can help quilters grow their expertise, such as quilting books, online courses, and workshops or classes.

These gifts offer valuable learning opportunities for quilters of all skill levels, allowing them to expand their knowledge and improve their craft.

Books provide a wealth of knowledge, patterns, and inspiration for quilters, making them a valuable resource for those looking to learn new techniques or refine their skills.

Online courses, like those offered by Craftsy, allow quilters to learn from the comfort of their own home, providing a convenient and accessible learning platform.

Workshops and classes at your favorite local quilt shop or sewing center offer the opportunity to learn from experts and connect with fellow enthusiasts in person.

Quilting Books

hawaiian quilt book

Books are a valuable gift for quilters of all skill levels, as they offer a wealth of knowledge, patterns, and inspiration. From beginner-friendly guides to more advanced techniques and designs, books cater to a wide range of interests and skill levels.

With a variety of titles available, such as “Urban Quilting: Quilt Patterns for the Modern-Day Quilter” and “Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book: 59 Outline Designs to Fill with Free-Motion Quilting,” there’s sure to be a quilting book that will delight and inspire your favorite quilter.

Online Courses

Online courses provide a convenient and accessible way for quilters to learn new techniques and styles from the comfort of their own home. Platforms like Craftsy offer a variety of quilting courses, ranging from beginner to advanced levels, allowing quilters to expand their skills at their own pace.

Gifting an online course is an excellent way to support a quilter’s skill development while providing them with the flexibility to learn when and where it suits them best.

Workshops and Classes

In-person workshops and classes at local quilt shops or sewing centers are a fantastic way for quilters to learn from experts and connect with fellow enthusiasts. These classes provide hands-on experiences, allowing quilters to practice new techniques and receive immediate feedback from instructors.

Gifting a workshop or class not only supports a quilter’s skill development, but also fosters a sense of community and connection with others who share their passion for the craft. These are the best gifts for those that are just starting out on their journey.

Gift Cards and Certificates

If you’re still unsure of the perfect gift for your quilting friend, consider gift cards and gift certificates as versatile and thoughtful options. These gifts provide quilters with the freedom to choose their own supplies, take classes, or select from a wide range of products catered to their interests.

In this section, we’ll discuss gift cards or a gift certificate from local quilt shops and online retailers, highlighting the benefits of each option.

Local Quilt Shops

Local quilt shop gift cards are a wonderful way to support small businesses and allow quilters to choose their own supplies or attend workshops and classes. These shops often offer expert advice and a curated selection of quilting supplies, ensuring that your quilting friend will find everything they need to create their next masterpiece.

By gifting a local quilt shop gift card, you’re not only providing a practical and versatile gift, but also showing your support for independent businesses and the quilting community.

Online Retailers

Gift cards from online retailers, like Etsy or Fat Quarter Shop, provide quilters with a wide selection of products and the convenience of shopping from home. These retailers offer a vast range of supplies, tools, and accessories, allowing quilters to find everything they need for their projects with just a few clicks.

Gifting an online retailer gift card is an excellent way to support your favorite quilter’s passion while providing them with the flexibility to choose the products that best suit their needs and interests.


In conclusion, there are numerous gift options available to delight and inspire the quilter in your life. From essential tools and accessories to unique, personalized items and educational resources, these gifts demonstrate your support for their passion and provide them with valuable resources for their craft.

Whether you choose a practical tool, a creative fabric bundle, or a versatile gift card, you can be sure that your thoughtful gift will be cherished and appreciated by your favorite quilter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a handmade quilt a good wedding gift?

Giving a handmade quilt as a wedding gift is an excellent idea. It shows you have put in effort and love to make something special just for the couple, and it will be treasured for years to come.
So if you know someone who is getting married, quilting a lovely gift could be the perfect way to express your love.

What is the average age of quilters?

On average, quilters are around 65 years old and have been practicing the craft for over 10 years.

Why give a quilt as a gift?

Giving a quilt as a gift is a heartfelt gesture that binds the giver and recipient together. It’s a special way to show you care, even when apart, as it serves as an invisible thread leading back to the maker.
Quilts are a timeless tradition that can be passed down through generations. They are a unique way to show love and appreciation, and can be used to commemorate special occasions or simply show appreciation.

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