Handy Helpers 4 inch Magnetic Pin Bowl and Pins


Handy Help magnetic pin bowlThe 4 Inch Magnetic Pin Bowl sticks to metal surfaces with a 2-1/2 inch circular magnet placed underneath the bowl. The inside of the bowl holds pins that are included with the bowl and other pins that you have at home. Check your IBC pins because some will not cling to a magnet.

The magnet is strong enough to hold a pair of scissors too. I found this design works well on my machine-quilting frame.

The bowl design causes pins to flare out and stand on their points .With the pins standing up, you don’t get stuck when reaching in to take a pin out of the bowl. You can also put a small piece of this magnetic tape on a needle threader to stick to the bowl for convenience.

I use the Pin Bowl at my sewing machine too when I’m working but I have to put it under my sewing extension table on my tabletop. My cats love to pick up pins in their mouths and drop them on the table or floor so I make sure this open design is safely stored.

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