Iron Cord Holder Makes Ironing Fabrics Much Safer and Easier

Laurastar Steam Cord Holder with Universal Clip

Have you ever wished for a cordless iron? Well, I’ve discovered the next best thing, and it’s a real bargain.

Do you have trouble with your iron’s electric cord getting caught on the corner of your ironing board, limiting the distance you can iron? I iron a lot so I know the feeling. The first thing I do before any quilting project is iron my fabric.

If you have a “big board” top for your ironing board, do you find yourself wishing for a longer cord so you can iron anywhere on your bigger top?

I had both those problems, but I found a solution that didn’t require a longer extension cord. I got an iron cord holder. This clever product has made my ironing much easier.

It is a simple product that has a metal clamp with an upright rod. On top of the rod is a spring with a large loop on the end. The clamp screws onto the edge of the ironing board. The Iron Cord Minder also has an electric socket on the clamp, so you plug the Iron Cord Minder’s electric cord into the wall to make the socket “live.”

I pass my iron’s cord through the large loop on the end of the spring, then plug it into the plug on the clamp. Just plugging into the Iron Cord Minder gives me the entire length of my iron’s cord to reach the ends of my ironing board. In essence, the Iron Cord Holder gives me a six foot extension cord to my iron.

But the best part is the upright spring rod. It holds my cord out of the way, even when I iron at the far end of the board and return. I’m thrilled, especially since I got all this help for under $15! It’s an easy and inexpensive way to save you from fighting with your quilting iron’s cord every couple of minutes.

The iron cord holder brought back memories. My mother always used one for her quilting iron. I found her’s when I was going through the house after my last parent had passed on. I passed it on to my daughter who now uses it with her quilting projects.

Please Note: The one described in this review with the outlet attached to the holder is no longer available. We continue to search for this model, but have been unable to find it. We will update this page when we do find it available again. For now, we have linked to another that still does the job.

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  1. Scratching my head why it’s impossible to get this cord holder. I couldn’t iron without it. I have one like this but it’s on its last leg. The one on Amazon is of poor quality. If you ever find this one, please keep me in mind and let me know.


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