Juki TL-2010Q Review: Quilting Machine for Professionals


There are sewing and quilting machines, then there is the Juki TL-2010Q. This isn’t your ordinary machine, and the price is reflective of this. The Juki 2010Q sewing machine is meant for professionals, or those that simply want one of the best quilting machines on the market.

Juki sewing machine tl2010q

Let’s take a look at what this Juki sewing machine has in terms of features.

Juki TL-2010Q Sewing Machine Features

  • Aluminum die cast design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Automatic thread trimmer
  • Predetermined stop position for the needle
  • Sub tension system
  • Variable speed control slider
  • Foot controlled trimming system
  • Automatic threading
  • Fine-tuned tension settings
  • Speed control lever

And as an added bonus, this model is constructed with aluminum die casting and has an extra large working area.

Juki 2010Q Review

Juki TL-2010Q quilting machine

When you take this model out of the box, you’ll be pushed into the past when industrial sewing machines were made with the utmost quality. This is what professional seamstresses would be seen using to make everything from slipcovers to quilts and more. And if you’re the type of person that doesn’t want all of these computerized parts that can easily break down, you’ll be happy to know that all of these parts have been kept to a minimum.

Made of aluminum diecast, this Juki sewing and quilting machine is little bit on the heavy side (37.6 pounds in total), which is a good thing if you are working with heavy fabrics or large quilts. Heavier machines are more stable and will stay in place even when heavy fabrics or a large quilt are dragging it downward.

The manufacturer states that this is lightweight, and it is for this particular type of sewing machine. You have to remember that this is made with material that will last you for decades, and the quality doesn’t get any better than the Juki.

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Juki 2010 – Fast Setup

Without any complicated computerized parts available, you’ll be able to quickly start your sewing project. This is all done in just a few steps:

  1. Snap the bobbin holder into it’s appropriate place
  2. Press on the presser foot
  3. Thread the unit

The bobbin is side loading and situated on the left side of the machine. A door is available, and we do have to state that it is impossible to sew while winding the bobbin. This may be an issue for you if you have a newer, user-friendly machine that is meant for beginners. Otherwise, this isn’t a much of a concern, and it allows you to reduce the risk of breaking your thread in the process.

There are no threading guides available, but threading still takes just a matter of seconds to complete.

Adjustable and Convenient

The manufacturer wanted to make this unit as convenient as possible. There is a knee lift that allows you to lift the presser foot without using your hands. This makes quilting and sewing much faster.

There is also a presser foot control that’s adjustable, and the presser foot can be raised to a maximum of 12 mm.

A reverse lever is included that allows you to perform a reverse stitch, and there is a thread cutter right on the machine itself. Manual thread tension control is provided right on the front of the machine so that you have the exact tension you need for your next project.

The variable speed control slider makes it effortless to control and maintain the speed of your unit. If you are making a very delicate project, this is the machine that you want on your side. With all of the adjustments available, you can fine-tune the sewing machine to your exact needs. This is something that many of the newer computerized models simply do not offer anymore. You may be able to adjust speeds, but you do not get the level of control that is needed by real professionals.

A dial allows you to adjust the stitch length, and the quality of the stitches are unmatched. If you want a sewing machine that can produce absolutely superb stitches that you would expect on the highest quality clothing in the world, this is it.

You can adjust your machine’s speed to as low as 200 stitches per minute or as high as 1,500 stitches per minute. While you may be thinking that the faster speed is better, I recommend only reaching maximum speed when you have a lot of experience. Why? There is a lot of room for error when your machine is stitching at such high speeds, and you may erroneously stitch, which can result in a ruined project.

For basic home machines I do still love and recommend Brother, Janome and Singer, but none of the stitches I’ve ever made compare to this model – it produces truly unmatched results. The only one that beats the Juki 2010Q is the Janome Horizon 7700 that I reviewed a couple of weeks ago, but the 7700 is quite a bit more expensive.

Accessories and Fabric Accommodation

The Juki TL2010Q includes several accessories to help you get started:

  • 3 presser feet (standard, quilt foot and even feed foot)
  • Extension table
  • 2 screwdrivers
  • Lint brush
  • Needles
  • Spool cap
  • Dust cover
  • 4 bobbins

This model can go through much more than your typical fabric. You’ll be able to go through:

  • Velvet and satin
  • Knit and synthetic
  • Upholstery
  • Leather
  • Fur
  • Suede
  • Canvas and twill
  • Plastic and rubber
  • Multilayer fabrics

Exceptionally powerful, the Juki TL-2010Q can go through virtually any fabric in existence. It is not hindered by multilayer fabrics or thick materials. You’ll be able to easily sew through all of these items without breaking your needle in the process.

Keep in mind this model offers only a straight stitch.

This means that this is a true quilting machine, and it makes a gigantic difference when you’re trying to quilt at home.


  • Stitches are made with precision.
  • Adjustable settings allow for true customization and control.
  • Extra-large tray allows for enough room for even large quilting.
  • Durability that even your grandma would be shocked to see.


  • The TL-2010Q is quite pricey.

The Juki 2010 is a true quilting machine. This model offers supreme control, and it doesn’t come with hundreds of unnecessary stitches. While the price is high, the Juki TL-2010Q is a machine that is worth every penny to someone that simply loves to quilt. While you can sew with this model, you’re limited by the lack of stitches, which makes it perfect for the avid quilter.

If you’re on the market for a quilting machine that can withstand commercial usage and is priced just right for home use, look no further than the Juki 2010.

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Other Quilting Machine Options

If the Juki TL2010 isn’t the right option for you, I highly recommend that you check out our quilting machine reviews on this page: https://www.quiltersreview.com/best-sewing-machine-for-quilting/.

There are many to choose from all the way from beginner machines to higher end at-home quilting machines for serious quilters.

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  1. Loved your article! Am 2 years into quilting and have just ordered this machine. My skill is finally worthy of the speed that this machine offers. Looking forward to the “flying miles” I’ll be putting on this machine!


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