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Quick & Easy Quilts for Kids: 12 Friendly Designs

Quick and Easy Quilts for Kids

Quilting for kids is often difficult. Kids need to learn the basics, and move from a general idea to fruition. Otherwise, they get bored. It happens all the time. “Mommy I want to learn to quilt.” And 20 minutes later your child has lost all interest, and is outside playing in the sun.

Connie Ewbank’s Quick & Easy Quilts for Kids: 12 Friendly Designs changes all of this. Connie knows that kids have a short attention span, and that designs need to be quick, fun and exciting. Written from the ground up for kids, this is the right book to start to teach your kid quilting – and it’s even great for an adult beginner, too.

Diving Into the Designs

If you’ve ever tried to teach a smaller child to quilt, you know that you’re sitting there trying to size down blocks so that they’re the right size for a child. It seems just silly to use large blocks meant for an adult-sized bed, and see them hanging on the floor when draped over your child’s bed.

When you open this book, you’ll know that all of the hard work is already done for you:

  • Quilt blocks have been sized down
  • Rotary cut instructions are easy to follow

And all of the 12 designs are simple. Will you like all of the designs? I would venture to say that you may not like one or two designs, but it’s really a matter of personal preference. The designs are all beautiful, and they’re made just for kids.

If you’re an adult that loves to make quilts for charities, this is a book you need by your side.

I can’t tell you the amount of quilts I have made for charities that have been inspired by this book. And kids will love to make quilts for themselves, friends or to give away for a good cause.

In terms of time, most of these quilts can be completed in one or two days’ time. You’ll even be given:

  • Fabric amounts to buy
  • The measurements of the finished quilt
  • Colors used in the rich photos in the book

You’ll have everything you need to make exact replicas of the quilts in the book, and this, for me, was an amazing addition. When my little girl looked at one of the quilts and said, “I want to make this one,” she meant one that looked exactly the same.

And you can make the exact same quilt thanks to the author providing all of the colors used in the photos.

12 Patterns for Every Child

Some children like critters, and others like “girly” designs. You’ll be happy to know that all of the designs fall into the following categories:

  • Critters & Crawlers
  • Call of the Wild
  • Baby Blocks
  • Leapin’ 9-Patch

You’ll find easy, step-by-step instructions that guide you through making all of these quilts. Your child will start as a beginner, and by the end, they’ll master some of the tips and techniques that the pros use in today’s quilting.

What I Love About Quick & Easy Quilts for Kids: 12 Friendly Designs

I’ve read a lot of books on quilting, and this is one of the best that I’ve ever read. When you open up to a pattern, you’ll find:

  • Project specifications
  • The number and pattern of blocks created
  • All of the material you’ll need, down to the yardage and color
  • Thread needs and color
  • Backing and batting
  • Cutting requirements

Step-by-step, everything is explained in fine detail to allow you to grasp the complete construction of the quilt that needs to be made. From a parent’s perspective, all of this information allows you to set everything up so that your child can easily begin making any quilt in the book.

Yes, your child can complete all of the tasks themselves. But if your child is very young, you may not want him or her cutting delicate fabrics with sharp tools. You’ll be able to recreate all of the designs yourself – down to the color tones – which is a nice added bonus for the “true” feel of project completion that many kid books don’t offer.

Of course, you can always pick your own color scheme and follow through the book step-by-step.

Written for kids, this is the quilting book that every beginner will find fulfilling and thorough enough to begin quilting at even the youngest of age.

Click here to start working your way through 12, kid-friendly designs.

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