Why You Should Consider Attending Quiltcon 2024


If you’re a quilter, or you’re someone who loves the art of quilting, then you may find yourself interested in attending Quiltcon 2024. Quiltcon is the biggest quilting event in the world and attracts thousands of quilters and enthusiasts. This yearly convention is being held in Raleigh, North Carolina and is the perfect opportunity to meet quilters, see quilts, and participate in workshops, lectures, and events related to quilting. In this post, we’ll give you five reasons why you should consider attending Quiltcon 2024.

Diverse Quilting Workshops:

One of the primary reasons to attend Quiltcon 2024 is to participate in the diverse quilting workshops. If you’re a beginner or an experienced quilter, you’ll find workshops that fit your skill level and interests. From learning the basics of quilting to mastering specific techniques, the workshops at Quiltcon 2024 cover a wide range of topics. Workshops are taught by experienced quilters and instructors and offer an excellent opportunity to learn from the best.

Inspiring Quilt Exhibits:

Quiltcon is the perfect event to see some of the best and most creative quilts in the world. You’ll see hundreds of quilts on display, showcasing different styles, techniques, and designs. Quilts on display are from different countries and represent a wide range of styles, from traditional to modern quilting. You’ll be inspired to create your own quilts and explore new quilting ideas. Not only that, but you’ll also have the opportunity to meet and talk to the quilters who created these magnificent quilts.

Meet and network with fellow quilters:

Quiltcon is a great event to meet fellow quilters and connect with like-minded individuals. You’ll have the opportunity to exchange ideas, techniques, and inspiration with other quilters. You can discuss quilting projects, tools, techniques, and new trends. Whether you interact in classes, workshops, or social events, you’ll have a chance to meet new friends and make lasting connections. Quiltcon is a community of passionate quilters, and you’ll feel right at home among them.

Learn from the Experts:

Quiltcon has a line-up of experienced and award-winning quilters who offer excellent lectures and presentations. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders in workshops and lectures, and you can take advantage of the free demonstrations offered throughout the event. The lectures can be a great way to learn about quilting techniques, get insights into the industry, and find out about new trends.

The Quilting Marketplace:

Finally, the Quilting Marketplace is the perfect place to shop for quilting materials, supplies, and tools. You’ll find a wide range of fabrics, threads, quilt patterns, crafting books, and accessories that you can’t find elsewhere. You can browse through dozens of exhibitor booths and find inspiration for your next quilting project.


In conclusion, if you’re a quilter or someone who loves the art of quilting, you should consider attending Quiltcon 2024. The event offers a unique experience to connect with fellow quilters, participate in diverse quilting workshops, see inspiring quilts designs, learn from experienced quilters, and, most importantly, have fun with like-minded individuals. So, mark your calendars for Quiltcon 2024 and be prepared to enjoy an unforgettable quilting experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Quiltcon?

Quiltcon is an annual convention for modern quilters. It features quilt shows, workshops, presentations, and a marketplace for quilting materials and tools. It’s a place where quilting enthusiasts can connect, learn, and get inspired.

  1. When and where will Quiltcon 2024 be held?

Quiltcon 2024 will be held between February 22 and 25 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Please check the official Quiltcon website for more informatoin.

  1. Who are the experts at Quiltcon?

Quiltcon features a lineup of experienced and award-winning quilters who share their knowledge through lectures, workshops, and demonstrations.

  1. What can I expect from the Quilting Marketplace at Quiltcon?

The Quilting Marketplace offers a wide range of quilting materials, supplies, and tools. You’ll find fabrics, threads, quilt patterns, crafting books, and accessories from various exhibitors.

  1. Why should I attend Quiltcon?

Quiltcon offers a unique opportunity to connect with fellow quilters, participate in workshops, learn from industry leaders, and shop for exclusive quilting supplies. It’s an event that caters to all levels of quilting enthusiasts – from beginners to seasoned experts.

  1. How can I keep updated about Quiltcon 2024?

Please visit the official Quiltcon website and subscribe to the newsletter for updates about Quiltcon 2024.

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