What height should I put my sewing machine at?


What height should I put my sewing machine at for optimum health and efficiency?

If your sewing machine and chair aren’t positioned right, you’ll eventually regret it. Here are some tips for how to get set to sew…and stay healthy.

You can help prevent Repetitive Strain Injury by setting your sewing machine at the correct height for your body.

The first step is to set the height of your sewing chair. The seat should be at a height that allows your feet to rest flat on the floor and your knees to make a perfect 90-degree angle. A secretarial chair makes a good, adjustable sewing chair.

The next step is to lower your sewing machine table until, with your elbows bent at a perfect 90-degree angle, your fingertips can rest on the feed dog of your machine. I am 5 feet 6 inches tall, and my sewing machine table is 22 inches off of the floor.

Proper chair and sewing machine height, combined with good posture of your back and neck, and hourly breaks, will go a long way toward preventing (or healing from) Repetitive Strain Injury.

If you work in an office all day like I do and love to sew in the evenings. It is easy to get so absorbed in the task at hand that time slips away and forget to take a break.

One tip that I use is an ordinary cooking timer. Set it for 20 minute intervals and reset each time it goes off. It is an easy way to remind yourself to stop and stretch. A timer doesn’t require electricity and it can travel easily.

I find that if my machine is too low, I bend over too much and hunch my back. I like to have the machine high so I’m feeding the fabric in without hunching over.

I also found that using Handeze Therapeutic Craft gloves reduced the stress and strain on my hands while sewing. I was able to sew for longer periods of time and my hands and wrists felt much better. You can find my review of them here.

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