Water-Soluble Marking Pen Nearly Ruins A Quilt


Have you ever used a water-soluble blue ink pen made for marking your quilts? Did you forget to remove the marks properly? Here is a way to save your quilt from ruin.

I use the EZ Quilting water-erasable pens to mark all my quilts. Once I used them on a white antique quilt top, in 1/2″ grid lines.

When I was finished quilting, I put the quilt in the wash with Clorox 2, a non-chlorine bleach. I was horrified to see that all the blue lines turned brown in the wash.

I tried many different solutions to remove the brown marks, and was only successful when I used a gallon of plain white vinegar in the machine with the wet quilt.

Despite my narrow escape, you shouldn’t be afraid to try the EZ Quilting blue or pink pens. They are a marvelous marking tool.

Just remember: Rinse the quilt in plain cold water before you wash it! That way, the pen marks will always come out. After the quilt is thoroughly rinsed and then washed, the pen marks will never come back at a later date, or after drying.

6 thoughts on “Water-Soluble Marking Pen Nearly Ruins A Quilt”

  1. The other tipis never use heat with the markings on the quilt. Even laying in sunlight can make a permanant setting. I found that out with a to go bag in my car. Chris

  2. So did you fill your washing machine with water or did you add vinegar onto the wet quilt? How long did you let it set or did you run a wash cycle as normal?

  3. Thank you so much. Your tip just saved me from throwing a white shirt I just altered away. It’s now beautifully white with all the brown dots and drawn lines comepletely gone

  4. Similar issue on embroidery with Adger brand marker. I tried vinegar, vinegar and baking soda, dish soap and a toothbrush, nothing. I suspect my next attem0ts will be hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and bleach on a qtip. These are xmas gifts and it’s dec 23rd!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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