What relieves arthritis and tight tendons?


My mother-in-law has always been a quilter. She quilts beautiful pieces for her family.

She is now 75 and has an arthritic thumb and tightening tendons. I want very much to find an aid for her that allows her to continue quilting. Can you help?

Arthritic quilters have found great relief in using glucosamine/chondroitin preparations. They actually rebuild the joint surfaces.

Another phenomenally effective intervention is strength training. Lifting weights with the upper body strengthens tendons important to quilters and makes them more flexible.

Lifting weights with the lower body creates healing surges of natural growth hormone during sleep. The growth hormone races through the body and heals anything that is injured.

Also, lifting weights reverses osteoporosis better and faster than any known drug! It protects against diabetes and heart disease, too.

Many arthritic quilters can use a hand-held thimble, as noted in my book, Rx for Quilters. Machine quilting is another option.

I recommend that your mother-in-law discuss the problem with her doctor and get a referral to a good physical therapist, who can teach her to lift weights safely. (Even 96-year-old, frail, elderly persons can lift weights, and half that do get to throw away their canes and walkers.) An occupational therapist may be called in to help after she is stronger.

I have also found some relief using the Handeze therapeutic craft gloves. Since wearing them I’m able to quilt for longer periods of time and reduce the strain on my hands.

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  1. Arnica Gel products provide great relief for me. Also, pain patches called “Salonpas” contain an aspirin derivative that is absorbed through the skin. Sometimes I cut them into narrow strips for my thumb joint. (Be aware that some people have sensitivity issues with the adhesive.) ALSO… what you EAT may contribute to your arthritis! For me, sugar is a trigger, if I ate too much sugar the day before, I will be have more aches and pains the next day. At night, I tend ‘curl’ my hands while sleeping … causing pain in the morning. To break the ‘habit,’ I occasionally wear hand braces to re-train myself not to curl my hands as I sleep… elastic gloves help, too . If you have ‘trigger fingers’ (when the joint gets ‘stuck’ and you need to manually bend it back), it is a NECK ISSUE! Vertibrae C6 and C7… a good chiropractor can manipulate them back into alignment. Sleep with a good, supportive pillow. As me how I know all these things… It has been a journey to wellness!


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