Which direction should I press the seams in a Double Wedding Ring?


A reader wonders about the best approach to pressing the seams in her Double Wedding Ring top.

I am hand-piecing a Double Wedding Ring quilt. What is the best way to press the seams so that I don’t create bulk, especially at the tips?

– A Quilter’s Review reader

Follow these steps for a smooth, flat Double Wedding Ring quilt top.

1. When sewing the arc sections together, press seams all in the same direction.

2. Divide your arc sections into two separate piles. Sew the arcs from one pile to a melon piece. Press these seams toward the arc.

3. Sew corner pieces onto each end of the other pile of arc sections. Press these seams toward the arc section.

4. Sew each of the sections from Step 2 to each of the sections from Step 3. Press these seams toward the arc section.

5. Sew a melon arc section to a center piece. Add another melon arc section so that you have a block that looks somewhat like a clam shell. Press the seams toward the arc sections.

6. Piece the blocks into rows, pressing toward the arcs.

If you follow this pressing procedure you should have a smooth, flat quilt top.

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